New Premium Fantrax Hockey League

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Starting a new Fantrax Hockey league.  It will be a 16 team H2H categories league.  $50 buy in.  I put together an extensive set of league rules: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/ueg694zhkcdh9hcz/rules.  If anyone has any questions about the league please ask.  If you're interested in a team let me know.

- 25 players plus 4 IR and 15 Minors
- (3) C, (3) LW, (3) RW, (2) F, (5) D, (1) Skt, (2) G
- 16 keepers plus Exempt and Minors (exempt is explained in detail in league rules)

- 40 rounds total where teams can draft to both Active roster and Minors as they wish
- Slow-Live 8 hr/pick Draft with a timer pause from 12PM EST to 8AM EST
- First year order is randomized

Fees/Buy In
- This is a premium league so there is a required $50 per team league fee

- 16 teams, 2 divisions
- Teams can choose the name of any Hockey team outside of the NHL
- Scoring is H2H Categories
- Trade deadline is the day before playoffs
- 75 waiver claims during the regular season that starts after the first game of the season


I would recommend reading over the league rules.  There is a lot more in there.


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