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$50 LeagueSafe | 12 Team | 1/2 PPR | Snake Draft on Yahoo | FApm EST TodayAB | Draft at 10

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I need to fill 6 spots in a 12- Team Yahoo league. The league has been around for years and we lost more people than normal this year. The league is by gathering random people every year and about half the teams stay around. The league will be renewed next year if you like it and want to stick around.

League Information

$50 Leaguesafe Entry Pay the entry fee and I will send you an invite to the league to the email used.

League invite if you would rather join then pay. I will send invites as fast as I can until filled.

Top 3 Playoff Finishers get paid out. $300, $200, $100

League Settings

Draft is at 10:00 PM EST tonight (9/9/2020)

0.5 PPR


FABB Waiver Wire that is done continuously (Nightly)

Snake Draft

6 teams make the playoffs

Playoffs start in Week 14.

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9 minutes ago, Party_Dude said:

Filled at the moment. Waiting on two people to pay. If they don't pay shortly I will make you for you. 

Just sent you pm with my email

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