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Would this be enough for Michael Thomas in a Salary/Keeper league?

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12 team PPR, roster in sig.

My team is uber loaded at RB due to a combination of good auction bids and trades I've made over the last couple years.  

My WR group is pretty good too, but I'm trying to make my team into an unbeatable juggernaut, so I'm thinking of offloading some talent to try pick up Michael Thomas.

This isn't a standard keeper league though.  Each player has a salary that is dependent on how many years they've been kept, and what they were drafted at.  

That's where you guys come in.  I've been debating offering a trade for Michael Thomas, but I'm not sure if it will work out, salary cap wise.

Michael Thomas can be kept next year for 70 dollars (of a 230 dollar budget).  Or I can franchise him for 58, but I'd have to cut him after the 2021 season, if I were to successfully trade for him. 

I was thinking of offering Ekeler (Can be kept for 22, or 10 if franchised), DJ Moore (23, or 11 if franchised), and a 2nd round rookie pick.  

1st, would Ekeler and DJ Moore be enough to get Thomas?  

2nd, if it is enough, does it even make sense, given the salary cap constraints it would put on me?  

3rd, Is it too risky to trade for Thomas now, given that he has an ankle injury?

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