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Can I get Aaron Jones without sending Jacobs or Ekeler? WHIR

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Hey Guys! I'm looking for a way to pull Aaron Jones away from another manager without including Jacobs or Ekeler. I'm currently 2-0 and he is 0-2. 10 teams total, full PPR. 

My team:

QB: Murray

RB: Jacobs/Ekeler/Mostert/Gibson/Henderson

WR: Thomas/Godwin/Moore/Diontae Johnson/Jeudy/Gage

TE: Waller


His team:

QB: Watson

RB: Jones/Chubb/Conner/Howard

WR: Cooper/Golladay/Edelman/Green/Davis/Shephard

TE: Hockenson/Herndon


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Bro I would wait for Jones to come back down from Mars because he is going to command more value than any other player in fantasy as of week 2. If you aren't adding in Jacobs or Ekeler you don't have a shot unless the Jones owner is completely clueless. However, I would highly recommend you package Ekeler with Godwin and get Jones. You are DEEP in the WR territory and Diontae could end up being a stud's absolutely worth stacking the value to upgrade Ekeler into Jones who is looking like a league winning back in an offense that needs playmakers and already dealing with BS in the health department regarding Adams. 

Now obviously don't offer your best deal upfront...see if he's willing to do the trade with DJ Moore first and then bust out the Godwin card.

Thanks for your response in my thread and good luck!

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This seems like a bad time to target Jones, but realistically Godwin should be enough for him. There's no chance I'd include Mostert too (as someone else suggested). If that's his asking price then walk away. 

Thoughts on this trade? 


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I think it would be awfully difficult because Thomas/Mostert are both hurt and they would be big trade pieces. Can maybe go Waller/Godwin/Mostert but I don't really see it because his RB depth would be so shaky

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