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Give Taylor + DJ Moore. Get Adams. WHIR 100%

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Just now, kimchi_chigae said:

Your team is stacked.

It's a fair trade. I would probably keep Taylor just because I like having the RB depth. His usage last game was super weird though.



yeah. Its 10 team so theres a lot of good teams.  Im 4-0 and in first so not sure I should be doing anything. But its hard to pass up on Adams who could be the wr1. He offered to add in D Andre Swift lol. Im guessing that doesnt change your mind. 

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16 minutes ago, MadMaxMariota said:

As tempting as it is to get Adams, I think I'd stay put. I think Moore will eventually turn it around. Also I don't trust Conner to stay fit all season so it's a bit risky to give away Taylor. 

thats exactly what I was thinking. But taylor might just be a high end rb2.  Colts insist on using hines and wilkins and their line has been pretty bad.  Adams could easily be the wr1.  

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Close but I think I'd stay put. Your RBs would be CMC who is coming off a high ankle sprain, Connor who is made of glass, and Gibson who has 0 history of running between the tackles. Solid backs but not a deep/healthy group. And Adams is a beast but he has a hammy issue of his own

I'd stay put and keep the RB depth


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Adams is the best player in the trade, and while I don't like resting on the Conner is always injured narrative, it is foolish not to take his past hurdles into account.  That partnered with CMC still out a little bit cuts you slim at RB.  I think your depth is very valuable, and would probably stay put. 


 Help with mine too please?


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