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Fitzpatrick, Dalton or Tannehill ROS??whir

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I lost Dak so i need a qb for ros , what order would you rank them between them??

Fitz has a good matchup this week against Jets , but then a bye next week would have to find another qb for ros

Dalton will be the starter now but is he good enough to play every week?

Tannehill look descent has on and off games, no more bye weeks..


What you guys think??


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I'd like Dalton over the other two but it's pretty close. Dalton was more than serviceable with less talent in Cinci, and he's got great options to throw to in Dal and their D will ensure Dalton is throwing all season long.  Tannehill if you don't like Dalton.



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I’m a dalton believer with those weapons. Last 2 times he had that amount of offensive talent around him with a decent enough line he finished qb5 in 2013, and was in the mvp race in 2015. He’s gonna be top 10 ros 


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I wouldn't necessarily be married to any of them.  I'm in a similar situation.  I am anticipating streaming for the rest of the season since I don't think any of these guys are like Dak where you just plug him in every week and you get decent production.  Dalton might be able to with those weapons, although I think Fitzmagic is the better option for this week.  That's my dilemma since I can't afford to roster both.  I've got Ryan as a backup, but I don't trust him at the moment.

Currently I've claimed both with priority to Dalton, although I am vacillating and may prioritize Fitzmagic before the deadline tonight...  If Dalton isn't washed up he's in the better system to produce.

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