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Drop one - Harris, Ruggs, or Williams? WHIR

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Full PPR. I gotta drop one of these guys -- Damien Harris, Henry Ruggs, or Mike Williams. I love Ruggs and Williams, but I am overloaded on WR right now. Harris is probably the ideal drop, but I still feel like he's worth a stash in case of a breakout.

My WRs: Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, Justin Jefferson, DeVante Parker, Mike Williams, and Henry Ruggs

My RBs: Kareem Hunt, Josh Jacobs, Le'Veon Bell, Damien Harris, and Justin Jackson

Which one would you guys drop of the three?

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If you can't work a 2 for 1 trade then I would keep Ruggs and Williams. The chances you play any of these three is unlikely unless your byes are cluttered. My strategy would be to accumulate the most talent you can. Hopefully one of them becomes consistent enough to be a starter. When they are and you are confident then you trade a player in front of them for a stud and now you can start that player you held onto. 

I would not be surprised if Ruggs or Williams become legit WR2s that can be started. That would allow you to trade Parker and Allen for a stud TE or another position. 

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