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10-22-20 Giants @ Eagles TNF Thread

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scott owners dont deserve that, i hate all of you

1 hour ago, Proteus said:

Real question for guys in the know about contracts and such: Is this the last season for Daniel Jones as a NYG starter?

I think this team is absolutely doomed with this guy.


And so is Barkley's value.


I would rather see them invest SOLEY in O Linemen in the offseason and bring in a guy like Case Keenum to manage the GD game.


What are the chances we get that?


??? Daniel Jones is actually a pretty solid QB...last season his WR were always injured, the o-line was terrible. Nothing much has changed this year besides the fact that Barkley is out for the season. You are crazy for even suggesting Keenum would be better...the hell lol 

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I don't know if my vocal cords will make it to the 4th quarter.

O/U when cops get called to my house for screaming?


*COPS* Knock knock.

*pdog opens door*  HELLUL?

*Hello sir, we got a call about screaming at this residence, is there something going on, is there another person at this house?

sir no sir, im just SCREAMING at my TV.

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1 minute ago, Kramjam24 said:

The giants have been cursed since they fired Coughlin 


100% correct. Also the giants have been cursed since the boat curse.

He should have been moved to the front office and be the GM.


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