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RotoWorld needs to Ban these 2 crooks! vikings222 & Claromy8

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They are creating leagues taking your money & then deleting the league running of with the money.

Tom Warner & Craig Laromy


I knew about Warner thru here but now Craig is the pitch man.

Beware the got my $150 bucks & then deleted the league & disappear.


The league which you're trying to access doesn't exist.
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On this site they go by: Use the names of (Tom Warner, Craig Laromy, John Porter) All the same BS







On the Huddle.com go by:



Footballguys.com go by:



These are the e-mails they or he uses:








Wow this one hell of a racket!


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LeagueSafe is the ONLY way I will go from now on.

& the league must have a HISTORY, ex: like be in it's 6th season of existence


These scammers are creating leagues getting your money & then deleting the league, or letting it play out till season but never pay out.

So there is no season 2, 3 & so on.


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I'm sorry you got scammed. That really sucks. I know everyone thinks league safe is scam proof. I'm not so sure of that.


I don't use league safe in my leagues but what I would encourage all of you to do is to ask for an invite to the league so that you can view the team owners and contact some of them to see if it's a legit league


Ask for an invite and read the message board for any B.S. 


Call the commissioner and ask him questions. If he's just a scammer, maybe he can't answer easy questions about fantasy football (basketball or baseball)


One last thing you may want to consider, wait a year or two to see if he keeps posting here and if other rotoworld members out him like you are doing now.


That's why I always post my league name in capitals BUZZ'S FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE (OR THE OTHER SPORTS IN THEIR APPROPRIATE FORUM) so that you get used to seeing me year after year and when you see no complaints hopefully that will add some legitimacy to the league


You could easily have a few friends form a league and then vote the payouts as they see fit. 


So be careful. 


I think getting someone on the phone is the best way to sniff out a piece of **** person trying to rip you off. 


I'm sorry you were scammed by a P.O.S. person


Hopefully my advice will help you


Good luck

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to edbuzz point I have paid in paypal and joined in lg's but I know the user has history of payouts that is why anytime I join I ask for proof of previous year winner and they show it to me and I pay. Also the leagues I am in have been around 10+ years so if anything shady was going on it would have been brought up by now.

Always look for league history that is the most important thing when joining a league

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Don't join the league if commish has control over the payouts.


Also, what, if anything, is being done with these crooks.  Where are they from?  Anyone know?  Facebook, anything.  Let's hunt them down!!!!!


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I hunted one of the scumbags down


Austyn Varney..............................varneydfs@gmail.com


varney is also   tarnolegs@gmail.com.............he works with his scam with a woman names Michelle Murtha


goes by various names on here usually you can tell if the member has just got a new account

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You guys should know the way Leaguesafe will behave when you have a dispute with the Commissioner:

- If the dispute occurs before the season started, they will default to the team owner and refund your money.

- If the dispute occurs after the season has began, they will default to the Commissioner and  *not* refund your money.

This is even more important to note when the Commissioner has full control. I was booted by a Commish when I called him out for cheating the bylaws.

Watch out for William Scheibler.


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