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0.5 ppr


trade DJ and Godwin

get CMC

large league. I’m 3-3


my rbs would be Conner, CMC, L Murray, Jamaal Williams


my wrs would be: Ridley, Boyd, Chark 


DJ has a bye next week. CMC bye is week 13 which hurts a tad if I need to win to make the playoffs. 

Do it or no?


my team now

Qb- brees

wr- ridley

wr- Godwin 

rb- conner

rb- johnson

flex- boyd

te- hock




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At 3-3 I don't think you can afford to make the trade. I'd also be worried about elevating Boyd to your no. 2 WR with the emergence of Higgins. Maybe looking into doing a smaller trade and shopping Boyd or Chark for a RB. Someone in the Gordon / Henderson / Montgomery range. 


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I would stay with DJ and Godwin.
I tried to get CMC as well, but the price is still to high.
I think he will be back in Week 10 (that's what I've heard). At the beginning he will split carries with Davis I guess. CAR will not Risk the health of CMC with this contract!
Then the bye in Week 13 (if that stays... you'll never know because of Covid) like you said.

Thats risky business I like to avoid.



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I agree to pass on this trade.  Houston is looking better since O'Brien got fired, and the rising tide should float all the boats, including DJ.  DJ + Godwin is too much to pay for an RB who you still don't know how long he'll be out.  (Plus, if by the time CMC is healthy the Panthers are out of the playoff hunt, they might go easy on CMC for the rest of the year and try to save him for next year).



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I didn't catch to see if this is a keeper or redraft. Keeper, you do the deal. But I'm guessing it's a redraft (sorry if I missed it stated).

I'd pass. Too much unknown on when CMC will be back and Davis has proven to be an elite backup. No need to rush back their franchise workhorse

Thanks on mine

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