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Hamstring Cook Owner. Offer Him a Trade?

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Thinking about offering this to this trade. The other owner's in a tough spot with Cook on bye and Mixon now out (I picked up Gio ;) ). His QB situation is also a bit dicey. Thoughts? 

GIVE - K.Murray / Drake or J.Robinson

GET - Cook / Moore or Hollywood Brown


QB - Murray - Tannehill
WR - A.Robinson - McLaurin -Di.Johnson - Slayton 
RB - Conner - Robinson - Drake - Freeman - Bernard
TE - Henry
D/S/T - Colts - Giants
K - Tucker - Koo

Note - I have some serious bye week concerns in weeks 8 and 11. 

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I actually think I would stay where I am at, too.

My main concern is mostly Cook's injury. Those can become very naggy in nature and it wouldn't shock me in the least to see him re-aggravate himself at some point this season.

Drake (just kinda bleh) and Robinson (tough ROS schedule) have their own concerns, as well, but I'm not sure it's worth the risk for you.

I mean, if you really want Cook and think he is going to be healthy, I can understand it - but IMO, I think I like what you have a bit more.

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I'd stay put. I just don't see how it helps you that much and your roster could look very different in a week given injuries, etc. 

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I’d first see if you can make any cheap trades with Gio. You don’t need him this week, and he’ll only have value for a Mixon owner past this week.


I like Tannehill, this week might be a little rough vs Pitt, but I think he can be a very solid QB to trust most matchups. I like the idea of trading Murray away and getting a top tier RB, but idk if he would take this offer. 

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