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CEH / Drake Trade - Worth the Risk?

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1/2 point PPR redraft league. Thoughts on this trade idea? Worth the risk?

GIVE - A.Robinson / Drake / J.Tucker

GET - Edwards-Helaire / AJ Brown

QB - Murray, Tannehill
WR - A.Robinson, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, A. Brown, Slayton
RB - Conner, J.Robinson, Drake, D.Freeman
TE - Henry
D/S/T - Colts, GIants
K - Tucker, Koo

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I do like ARob but, I think I’d make the deal. AJ Brown is in a better situation as the others have said and I like CEH over Drake. I’m not so concerned about Bell. Sure he bumps him down a few spots, but, he’s still in a potent offense getting a significant amount of touches. I’d pull the trigger. 


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Thanks for help with mine.


Initially, I think not much improvement for you. Even though the Bears O sucks ARob is such a target hog and with his skillset always has some upside. Drake and CEH close to a wash with the Bell signing, but I'd be looking to deal Drake and prefer a back on KC. TEN has a tough schedule but I love Brown and his QB, so I guess I could support this move. The others convinced me.

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Thanks for my help, yours is close but I'm personally a big fan of Allen Rob and his volume (like him more than AJ). With Bell there you could also see a regression of CEH, specifically goal-line work (toss up vs. Drake). J tucker is the safest kicker and Id rather keep him. With all that in mind, I don't think I would do it. 

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