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So we had a dynasty draft last night, and everyone is all paid up for year 1 and 2 BUT one owner didn’t like the way he drafted (and also didn’t account for a taxi squad) so he straight up bailed and left the league. The great thing for you though is you could have this team for free this year! Just have to commit to next year for 60. I would give you a look into the roster and let you meet the guys but we need to have it filled ASAP and the first one who can pay gets it. 


12 Team League Dynasty

6 Man Taxi 2 IR with 4 round supplemental draft. 1st year was 30 (because mid season) second year 60 (regular price). Team consists off

QB-Big Ben/Jimmy G/Drew Brees

HB-M Brown/Elliot/T Pope/Hunt/Carson/Breida/Barkley/Michel/Penny/Nall/Lindsey

WR-Evans/R Higgins/C Samuel/Golladay/Ridley/A tate/C Sims/Isabella/P Williams/Deebo Samuel

TE-A Hooper/Alice-Cox/Everett/Goedart


has all his rookie picks as well, here is the link if you are interested and the leaguesafe is pinned above for payment which is dynasty 2021


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