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My newest league is forming. We will launch around Feb1st for our offline MLB and Prospect Drafts. This league resembles real MLB. There are the haves and have nots. Dodgers, Braves, and then there is Baltimore, MY TEAM. Each team will select 5 MLB and 5 MiLB players from said  teams organization. Its salary cap (sliding amount based on teams finish), contracts, dynasty. The particulars: Roto, 6x6 (holds and OPS), 20 teams, Annual Prospect draft,  Scored on Yahoo with Google spread sheets and Proboards (see link above). 

Dodgers and Braves have a clear advantage first year with their 5 chosen players. My team Baltimore will struggle. Not only will my team struggle, but in year two salary cap dollars lessens from 1st place to 20th place, based on your standing. Baltimore, SF, Pittsburgh, will likely have less cap to spend than LA or ATL. Drafting, trading, spotting talent matters. Challenge yourself and pick the Pittsburgh Pirates. Only if you love pain, lol. LA and ATL are still available if you are a front runner. 

it’s a fun league. It’s not about winning, it’s about playing the game. Lots of trades are generated. More than 100 trades last year in one league. Take a serious look at the Official Rules by clicking the link above. If this league is for you, simply follow directions.

******Join on Proboards by following directions under Prospective Member (new member sign up) tab******

Available teams below:

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Baltimore Orioles - taken
Toronto Blue Jays
Philadelphia Phillies
Miami Marlins
New York Mets
Atlanta Braves
Washington Nationals
Cleveland Indians - Taken
Chicago White Sox - Taken
Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals
Chicago Cubs - Taken
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers
St Louis Cardinals  Taken
Seattle Mariners - Taken
Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Angels
Houston Astros
Texas Rangers
San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies
Arizona Cardinals
San Diego Padres - Taken

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